We Plan … He Directs

A person plans his course, 

but the Lord directs his steps.” 

(Proverbs 16:9)

We planned to spend a couple of days in Hailey, ID to visit Katie’s niece on the way to our next project. As we plan, we also pay close attention to the weather. We’ve been through tornado warnings (and tornadoes close by), massive hail storms, winds exceeding 50 mph, etc. We try to avoid these conditions, but in each of these situations, we have been parked at a project or camping spot, not traveling.  So, for our trip to Hailey, the weather looked great. 

We know that He is our protector but we must also exercise due diligence. We saw that it was going to be rainy on Sunday, but that is usually not a big concern. However, as the weekend progressed, the weather forecast for Monday was becoming a bit more stressful. Hurricane Hillary was expected to pass through or near Boise, ID after dumping huge amounts of rain in So. California and with lots of wind. Do we travel or stay put?

We received over an inch of rain on Sunday. Yet, the weather forecast for Monday in Hailey was for clearing skies and winds out of the Southeast at less than 25 mph (our stand-down windspeed; we don’t travel if sustained winds are predicted above 25 mph). The Boise forecast was to be partly cloudy skies most of the day with winds out of the Southeast. We felt a peace about traveling so we decided to go; He was directing our steps.

We had a beautiful drive to Nampa (near Boise) and arrived at the Mission Aviation Fellowship RV Park in the early afternoon under beautiful skies and an awesome tail wind which greatly improved our fuel mileage. After a few days of visiting with friends and Katie’s sister there, we’ve now moved to our Sept. project at Hope House in Marsing, ID. We are always so thankful for His watch care over our safety (and for His directing of our steps!).  🤠🤗

(This week’s Blessings, Prayer Requests, and Schedule are here)

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