Training in Righteousness

 Every scripture is inspired by God 

and useful for teaching, for reproof, for correction, 

and for training in righteousness,” 

(2 Timothy 3:16)

“What were we thinking!” we frequently exclaim. “You weren’t!” our daughter reminds us. Our young fur-baby, Salomé, turned one year old this week and it has been a tiring, frustrating, and yet rewarding journey. It seems the most frustrating has been training her.

Although we’ve remained diligent in learning training methods and applying them, it seems unending. Just when we think she has mastered something, there is “backsliding.” We see with her training and actions there is a close parallel to our spiritual training in the way we should live!

When we are diligent with Salomé’s training, she responds well. Although she loves watching other dogs on TV, we’ve found that the TV programs are not effective training! 🤣 She still has a few rough spots that need some specialized work. As a result, we continue to work with her knowing she will get better. 

But we also need continued training, or discipleship, to finish our course well (Acts 20:24)! When we are diligent in spending time in His Word and fellowship with other well-grounded believers, life just seems to flow better. When we slack off, our rough spots show up and get harder to deal with, just like Salomé’s training! 

We will keep on training Salomé as we pursue our training daily. We look forward to the day the training is not so intensive for either of us! 🤠🤗

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