To Receive Anew

Yet those who wait for the Lord will gain new strength; 

They will mount up with wings like eagles, 

They will run and not get tired, 

They will walk and not become weary.” 

(Isaiah 40:31, NASB95) 

The first thing you see as you enter Lake Lavon Camp is a white sign with bright blue letters declaring the camp’s name. As the saying goes, “You only have one opportunity to make a first impression.” Sadly, the entrance sign needed some work to leave a good impression! 

As we waited for the materials needed for our first project, we volunteered to clean and paint the entrance sign. While improving the sign’s appearance, we were reminded of Isaiah’s words that those who wait for the Lord will find renewed strength. As we looked at the freshly painted sign, we realized it had been transformed; it looked welcoming and fresh. But is that kind of change that Isaiah meant by “renewing”?

We realize there is really more than just a refreshing of our outward strength as the transformed, fresh-looking sign seemed to communicate, but it is much deeper. 

One of our seminary professor’s comments on the verse struck a reassuring note: 

“Circumstances may overcome even the strongest young people in their prime either through lack of inner resources or because of the hardness of life. Yet those who continually rest, trust, and wait for Yahweh will receive renewed and different, divine strength. The Hebrew verb translated “gain” suggests an exchange of strength, our inadequate strength for His abundant strength” (Tom Constable’s Expository Notes on the Bible).

It is a replacement of our inadequate strength with His abundant, unending strength. Constable continues: “They who wait on the Lord will be able to overcome natural drawbacks, endure with energy to spare, and keep on living without becoming excessively tired.” 

The entrance sign became a good reminder for us to look below the surface (not just at a cleaned and painted outward appearance) to a deeper appreciation that we can fully trust and wait upon the Lord for “renewed” inner strength as well! 🤠 🤗

This week’s Blessings, Prayer Requests, and Schedule are here.

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