There’s Always Something

“…The wisdom from above is first pure, .…” 

(James 3:17, NET)

An RV is a lightly constructed aluminum (or wood) box with fiberglass or aluminum siding mounted on wheels. When traveling it is undergoing a Category 4 earthquake while simultaneously buffeted by hurricane-force winds. It is no wonder that after a while things loosen up, come apart, or wear down. 

We have tried to remain diligent in keeping our home on wheels in top condition. This means we often have to seek His wisdom and use our five senses to perceive a potential problem before catastrophic failure occurs. Such was the case with our trailer’s running gear.

When backing into or moving slowly into parking slots, we constantly heard an unwelcome creaking sound that was not good. Bruce knew it was coming from the running gear but did not have the confidence to tackle the project. After completing his RV maintenance training and talking to other techs he figured out what needed to be done. 

Parts were delivered just before we left the SOWER office (below left). It would be easier to complete the task with two people but the parts came after one of our co-workers had left. Thankfully, our daughter’s oldest son was available to help with an extra set of hands and muscles. New equalizers, heavy-duty shackles, and wet bolt kits were installed on both sides of the trailer. (You can see the worn bushings below and other pics in the link below.)

We are extremely thankful that the installation was completed successfully and without injury. On Tuesday, Bruce will get the tires rotated on the truck. With the truck’s 60,000-mile servicing completed, the running gear on the trailer replaced, and new tires on the trailer (in January), we are eager to get rolling north on our adventure into the northeast where we will serve our Master this summer. 🤠🤗

This week’s Blessings, Prayer Requests, and Schedule are here.

(Don’t forget to check out more of our pictures here.)

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