The Rule of Twos

San Juan County Fairgrounds, McGee Park, Farmington, NM

Three years ago we made a concerted effort to travel from ID to MO abiding by the Rule of Twos: travel only 200 miles/day, travel every second day, stop every two hours, and be off the road by 2 PM. We’ve occasionally tried to do this on our travels since, but usually, we are just eager to get to our final destination. 😄

On this trip, from Princeton, TX to Idaho Falls, ID, we are again using the Rule of Twos. It has been so relaxing to do it this way! But, sometimes we find ourselves in either desolate places (such as Plains, TX), at this fairground in Farmington, NM with very few people around, or at a beautiful SOWER project at 7,000 feet in the south central NM mountains (see pictures below)!

We’ve also intentionally picked a route that avoids the interstate freeways as much as possible. We’ve found that we see more of the countryside and small towns, and the pace is less intense while traveling US highways instead. When we’re less stressed our furry family members also do better. They too have enjoyed the extra day off the road and seem to do better. 

We only have about 650 miles to travel from here, but we will not arrive in Idaho Falls until next Friday (June 23). We are so thankful for our safety and that of our home, the beautiful weather as we’ve traveled, and the amenities when we’ve needed them (for air conditioning when the weather has been extremely hot). 🤠🤗

(This week’s Blessings, Prayer Requests, and Schedule are here)

(Don’t forget to check out more of our pictures here).

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