The Infinite Provider

It is vain for you to rise early, 

come home late, 

and work so hard for your food. 

Yes, he provides for those whom he loves 

even when they sleep.” 

(Psalm 127:2, NET)

In late 2021, we felt called to travel and assist ministries in Ohio, New York, and Maine during the summer of 2022. Fuel prices were reasonable at the time. Little did we know what would shortly happen to those fuel prices!

Four months later, we began questioning our call to drag our home on what would become a 10,000-mile journey. The expense of fuel alone caused us to wonder if we had heard His call correctly. As seen in the image above, paying $6.20/gal (and getting 10 miles/gal) was hard on the pocketbook!

We had to remind ourselves that He does not call us without also providing. And providing He did! We always had the funds needed to pay for not just fuel but for all the other necessities. That also included replacing a set of trailer springs and upgrading the equalizers on the trailer axles!

Today, we breathed a sigh of relief when we refueled the truck! Without getting into politics and the reasons for this blessing, we are thankful for the $2.92/gal favor and another reminder. 

The Psalmist writes to remind us that we are to be diligent, but to get up early, work long days, and come home late without divine providence and support is futile. We try to live frugally and be conscientious in the work He has called us to do. Perhaps this low fuel price is a little nudge to remember to give Him the praise for His provision. 🤠🤗

Now I’ll take that fuel price!

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