Releasing Creative Talents

“…The Lord has chosen Bezalel son of Uri … 

He has filled him with the Spirit of God—…to design artistic designs…” 

(Exodus 35:30–32)

Comprehensive instructions for the Tabernacle and its contents were provided by the Lord. However, there was a significant amount of creative detail that was left to the Israelites to decide. As noted above, the Lord filled Bezalel with the ability to provide those creative details. That did not end with Bezalel. He continues to this day to fill many of us with the ability to develop effective and different ways to communicate His message.

Last week we wrote about the Sermon on the Mount ministry ( To enhance their discipleship and leadership messages they are creating a Western motif in their horse arena. Along the walls are false storefronts as one would find in the 19th century, Western towns. We were asked to finish two of the false fronts that were previously constructed. 

Part of the finished design was already decided. However, finishing the curved upper part of the one building and its chimney needed to be determined.  The SOWER men with whom we are working are quite talented in repurposing materials. As seen in the second picture, scrap siding from the building on the right was cut into wedges to make the fan for the curved section of the wall. Left-over smart board siding from the building on the left was cut into “bricks,” and painted to look like red brick for a false chimney. With a little grey paint to simulate the mortar, two men became “brick layers!” 😄

But last week was not all creative fun and games! A destructive hail storm blew through which also spawned many tornados northeast of us. It threw down 3’-3.5” hail stones on us! Thankfully it did not do too much damage. We had advance warning and parked our vehicles under cover. However, all our rigs sustained some damage. We lost one of our solar panels, but a new one will be  delivered Tuesday! 😄  

The ladies also have been challenged to use their creative abilities to paint and restore the Bunk Room apartment (pictures next week). We have only one more week to finish up as much as we can before this project comes to a close. We’ve had a great amount of fun thus far, so much so that we are giving considerable thought to returning in the fall! 🤠🤗

(This week’s Blessings, Prayer Requests, and Schedule are here)

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  1. Gail Fieler says:

    This project looks so much fun………right up my creative juices alley. Ahhhh, ohhhhh, and yeah! Amazing how every project is different from the previous, keeps us enthusiastic and anticipating the next corner. God loves His children to give them such fun things to do. It just gets better and better. Gail

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