What has the month of May come to mean for us here at Clear Lake COE Campground? Four years ago while here, Bruce obtained his special CDL driver’s license to legally tow our large trailer. Last year we replaced the equalizers on the trailer axles. Thankfully, our grandson was available and lent his muscle to this task! In addition, we were able to complete many preventative maintenance items, an always ongoing task. 

This May it has been more of the same: completing needed repairs such as replacing a failed upper marker/clearance light and shampooing carpets as well as the usual preventative maintenance to complete. However, this year, we added dog training and an upgrade to our trailer project list: installing LED light strips on the underside of the trailer. 

While in AZ a few years ago, we learned that folks leave their engine compartment hoods up with a light source shining onto the engine at night. They will also put lights under and around their RVs to keep pack rats and rodents away and prevent them from chewing on the vehicle’s wiring. Because so many folks do this, we figure it must help.

We have been using a small, solar-powered string of lights on the ground whenever we suspect we might be in an area with a possible rodent problem. This is time-consuming and just one more task when setting up or getting ready to leave so we were looking for a better solution. While working on this upgrade last week, before it was operational, Bruce killed a mouse trying to make its way into the trailer! 

Hopefully, we will have this modification completed this week. It is operational but needs the wiring finalized. We look forward to a simple flick of the switch and a nice, night-time under-belly glow that will keep those nasty critters away! 🤠🤗

(This week’s Blessings, Prayer Requests, and Schedule are here)

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