Praising our Protector

“Come! Let’s sing for joy to the LORD! 

Let’s shout out praises to our protector who delivers us! 

Let’s enter his presence with thanksgiving!” 

(Psalm 95:1–2a, NET)

Wayne Jacobson in his book The Journey Begins, comments: “Worship isn’t singing songs in a room full of people; worship is how we live our lives in God’s reality and the awareness of his presence.” What does it look like to live in the reality of God’s presence when looking at an RV roof leak? How does one shout out praises to our Protector when there is a pit of fear in one’s stomach?

Water intrusion in an RV can have catastrophic consequences. In January, we had our  EPDM rubber roof replaced with a Flex-Armor roof. It is a better, more durable covering than EPDM, and has a lifetime warranty. We were assured that after installation there would be no possibility of a leak in the roof. That sounded great to us!

Last Wednesday evening after some significant rain in Western Washington, Bruce noticed a drop of water on the crank handle used to raise and lower the TV antenna. Further inspection showed water penetration under the TV antenna gearbox. Its source appeared to be where the new roof material should have prevented any leakage; (see water in the image above). 

Thursday was our last day of Sower work at Lake Retreat Camp. The question that kept going through Bruce’s mind: “Am I living my life in the reality of God’s presence and trusting that He truly is our Protector in the way I am handling this problem? Are others seeing an inner peace that comes from believing this reality?”

Friday, we located the source of the leak and made a temporary repair. We have contacted the company that installed the Flex-Armor roof and they are working on a solution. There is an authorized Flex-Armor installer in Pasco, WA (where we currently are located). It appears that He is indeed our Protector. Now, we need to live each day believing that reality and not let the ups and downs of life worry us. 🤠 🤗

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