Man’s Best Friend

“‘Man’s best friend’ is a common phrase used to describe domestic dogs, referring to their millennia-long history of close relations, loyalty, friendship, and companionship with humans” (’s_best_friend). However, for Dr. Lew Sterrett, it is most likely the horse. He is a gifted horse trainer and Bible teacher.

Ransom Wind Ranch in Anadarko, OK is the home of Dr. Sterrett’s ministry, Sermon on the “Mount”. It is here that he trains his horses to assist in his ministry of teaching “Lessons of Leadership from the Language of the Horse. … The needs of the heart [are] clearly illustrated and the steps to meeting those needs [are] evidenced as the horse overcomes his resistance to change and finds success and fulfillment in his relationship with the trainer” (  

We have been incredibly blessed to hear him speak at our devotionals in the morning and with “mini-devotionals” while training his horses in the arena. But, to create a more realistic backdrop to these messages, he is creating a Western town along the arena walls. Our team of four SOWER couples has had a wonderful time assisting in creating this imagery and helping his ministry.

We started with the roughed-in, framed storefronts, and finished the three storefronts as far as they wanted us to go. The rest is signage that has not been decided or designed.

The ladies have also been hard at work refurbishing a “bunkhouse/ guest house” for folks who come to work here temporarily. As one can imagine, taking care of more than a dozen horses (including at least three breeding mares, two stallions, and two new filly foals) takes a lot of hands. They are short-staffed. Having a place to house additional help is a huge blessing for them!

We will remain here for a couple more days and then head south for awhile to take a break. We realized that in the last 3 years we’ve only taken 3 months off. We need a break to regroup, reassess, and seek His leading for where and when to serve next! 🤠🤗

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  1. Gail Fieler says:

    Yes, a well deserved break………let God lead, use the Word to guide you to R&R of the grand type! Gail

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