Man, It’s Cold Out There!

Yesterday (Saturday) it was a gorgeous sunny 65 F day. We got the windows washed and the rubber window seals treated. We took Salomé on a couple of training walks. This morning (Sunday) when Bruce got up it was 15 F outside! As we prepare this at 0100 PM it is now only 16 F! Brrr!

Our readers may remember that last fall when we left Idaho and spent the night in Wyoming we woke up to a temperature in the low 30’s and no furnace. Thankfully, we had it successfully repaired when we got to Texas last Nov. We have not had to use it much until now and we are extremely thankful it is working well!

This part of northern Texas is under a severe weather advisory for about 80 hours. This started last night and will go on until about noon on Wednesday. Although we are reasonably comfortable in our home-on-wheels we still need to take extra precautions in these extreme cold conditions.

After 5-years of full-time RV living, we finally bought a heated water hose. This heated hose prevents our city water supply from freezing. We now no longer have to disconnect from city water every time the temperature drops below 32 F. Having this hose also allows us to run a small stream of water from our kitchen faucet, which in the past has always frozen in these frigid situations. We are quite thankful that we’ve not had to deal with frozen lines to the kitchen so far; (but we still have two more days to go!).

Due to the extreme cold, we will not work tomorrow and will see how things go on Tuesday. The work they have assigned to us is indoor somewhat, but as of last Thursday, it did not have any heat. We’ll see what Tuesday brings! 🤠🤗

This week’s Blessings, Prayer Requests, and Schedule are here.

We’ve just about given up trying to teach Salomé to stay off the sofa! 🤣

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  1. Drew LaMunyon says:

    Stay warm! I hope you both are well.

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