Howdy, Pardners!

It has been a long time (decades) since we rode our horses and it felt good to climb back into the saddle! (We will not review what it felt like the next day! 🤣 ). Our daughter and granddaughter joined us along the North Fork of the Salmon River in Idaho for a wonderful few days of visiting, horseback riding, and an afternoon floating down the Salmon River. 

After living for over a year in our small home on wheels, having two visitors join us was interesting! We learned that our home is a great size for just the two of us. We have sufficient room so as not to get into each other’s way too much. However, if you add two more adults along with our two furry companions, it quickly gets crowded! But we certainly didn’t mind sharing the space with our family. It was fabulous! 😉  

After the crazy windstorm we experienced two weeks ago, the weather settled down to just a bit on the warmer side while we were in Hailey visiting Katie’s sister’s family. We were so thankful for our gracious Boondockers Welcome host who made us feel like family. We’ve certainly found a great spot to park for free whenever we are in the Sun Valley, ID area! 👍  

(For those of you RV owners who like to travel, we highly recommend We have met many wonderful hosts and fellow travelers while saving money on RV camping fees while traveling around this country.)

After our all-to-short visit to North Fork, ID, we once again stopped overnight in Hailey where we had a mini-family reunion before hitching up our home and heading to Idaho Falls where we are visiting with our son and grandsons, as well as Katie’s younger sister, and spending the next week getting things ready for our trip to our September SOWER project at Camp Barnabas in Purdy, MO.

We are currently planning our route to MO, attempting to travel according to “The Rule of 2’s”: Travel no more than 200 miles/day, arrive by 2 PM, and travel every 2nd day. 😄 That schedule has us leaving our current location on Aug 15 to arrive at the SOWER project on Aug 26. We will be going through WY, NE, KS, and MO. Not sure who we might see along the way, but if any of you are anywhere nearby, please give us a shout out! We’d love to meet up, if possible! 🤠 🤗

This week’s Blessings, Prayer Requests, and Schedule are here.

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