Home is a Feeling

Home is not a place,

Its a feeling

When asked where our home is, I (Bruce), usually say “It is where I hang my hat.” (I started wearing a hat in the late ’80s and when out and about will always have one stuck on my head!) What I mean by this answer is that “home” for me is not a place, it’s where my family or where my wife is. I am “home” wherever they are. Having lived all over the States, and then for almost 20 years overseas, I never really felt connected to a “place” as home.

Recently, we saw the above saying in a gift store. It expressed to us just what home is all about. It is not a place, but a feeling of contentment and belonging. Our daughter put her creative talent to use again and made this plaque for us. 

This expression was given added meaning last month when we had to leave our home-on-wheels for three days while the roof was replaced. While they put on the new roof, we stayed with our daughter and her family. In a sense, we were home because we were with our family. However, when we picked up our trailer and got settled into our spot for the night, we felt like we were really home! Even our animals sensed they too were “home” even though we were in a different “place.”

We are extremely thankful for our family, both in TX and ID. We are also thankful that we can bring our place of residence to those locations for extended visits each year. When we visit them, we feel “at home”. 

This Thursday, we will change locations and head about 100 miles down the road to our new “home” at His Hill Bible School in Comfort, TX, where we will help them do whatever they need done for the next month. Where is “home” for you? Is it a place or a feeling of contentment and belonging? Just something to contemplate. 😉 

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