Hitting the Pause Button

We are finding that after 3-4 days of sorting, and cleaning things from Bruce’s mother’s home, we need a break. After returning from Katie’s conference on Jan. 28, we realized that it was long past time to take that break, so we packed up a few clothes and headed out!

Many of our Idaho friends will recognize these dear people. Thankfully, they were not busy and could graciously accommodate a couple of weary workers. We took off in the truck, spent a day meandering over to their home in Arkansas and then hung out with them. What a blessing to see more of their world and to reconnect. While visiting we realized that we’d known each other for over 25 years! This little trip has inspired us to try to come and visit many of you this year once we return from China. Stay tuned for more on our future adventure as we learn how it will unfold!

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