He is Our Portion

“My portion is the Lord,” I have said to myself, 

so I will put my hope in him.” 

(Lamentations 3:24, NET)

At first glance one might wonder what does our trailer roof, with all its repair patches (white), have to do with our verse? Perhaps nothing directly. However, it helped me (Bruce) identify a significant error in my thinking.

As I was reading Lamentations a couple of weeks ago, I came across the passage noted above. I began to wonder what the author meant by one’s “portion.” I discovered the following from one of my seminary profs: “By calling the Lord his portion, the prophet was comparing Yahweh to an allotment of land that provides the necessities of life” (Tom Constable’s Expository Notes on the Bible).

Today, Katie and I do not have an allotment of land from which to obtain our necessities as was the case in the prophet Jeremiah’s day. However, the small amount of retirement funds we have would be considered our “portion,” or our “allotment of land.” It is from this retirement income source that we obtain our necessities. 

I realized that I was focusing on our retirement funds as our portion. I was not focused on my portion as being the Lord. Instead of putting my hope in our retirement, I needed to refocus my hope on the Lord. He is the One Who will provide!

By reorienting my thinking, a lot of the stress from the expense of having to have our roof repaired/replaced went away. We still need to be wise stewards of what we have, but I will choose to “put my hope in Him,” not in earthly resources. 🤠 🤗

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