Happy Thanksgiving!

Let’s enter his presence with thanksgiving! 

Let’s shout out to him in celebration!” 

(Psalm 95:2, NET)

What happened to November? 😳

We left New Life Ranch at the end of October, spent a couple of relaxing days at an Army Corp of Engineers Campground on Lake Texoma, then headed to Riverbend Retreat Center in Glen Rose, TX, for our November project. It’s now almost December and we are at the Lake Lavon Camp and Conf. Center, our December project! These project days go so fast!

At Riverbend, on a blank 10’ x 20′ concrete pad the men constructed a 3′ x 10′ storage shed under a 14′ x 20′ shelter to be used for storing zip line rigging/ safety equipment and getting guests ready to ride the zip line. We resized (narrowed) 35+ bunk beds by 7”, cutting down plywood mattress supports and ladder steps (a rainy day job). We also removed damaged/weathered T1-11 siding from one side of the maintenance building and installed Hardy-board siding in its place. We finished our three weeks by installing and caulking skirting around one staff cabin and installing skirting around 2nd staff cabin. 

The ladies stained the zip line landing platform (~40’x40′ along with railings and ramp) and painted the zip line storage shed exterior. They also helped wash and fold piles of laundry and assisted in the office doing data entry, document scanning, and shredding. They ended the project by painting the maintenance shop siding that the men installed. Is it any wonder these project days go by fast?

We were extremely thankful for our safety and good health while working. However, even Thanksgiving itself flew by as we celebrated with our daughter’s family and good friends we’ve known since our days in Idaho. Now, we are once again heading into another project workweek at Lake Lavon camp! We are not exactly sure what we will be doing, but it may be hanging more siding and staining of decks! This type of maintenance is always needed!

We look forward to our time at this camp and pray for good weather so we can accomplish some much-needed outdoor maintenance!  🤠 🤗

This week’s Blessings, Prayer Requests, and Schedule are here.

(Don’t forget to check out more of our pictures here.)

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