Happy Mother’s Day

Our daughter came up with a great idea. Her youngest son has graduated from high school. Her oldest son recently got married. Her #2 son was recently discharged from the Marine Corps. Her daughter & son-in-law were up for a visit. It is Mother’s Day. Why not celebrate all the events together? So, this weekend found us in Princeton, TX for a celebration!

All of our daughter’s children are home for the weekend. Having a mobile motel makes life so much easier for us to join in the fun! We haven’t packed up the trailer in over two months. But because we’ve been doing this so regularly over the past five years, getting things ready to go seems almost second nature! 😄

Friday was a smooth 100-mile trip to Princeton. Saturday we spent the day with our daughter’s family and on Sunday we headed back to the SOWER office. All-in-all the trip went well except for the last 40 miles of steady rain! But, we are now all tucked into our RV “garage” as it continues to pour outside.

The SOWER ministry has over 600 active couples and about 170 partner ministries located throughout N. America. Our SOWER volunteers travel to help these ministries accomplish their call to reach the lost for Christ. Coordinating all this work for the SOWER non-profit organization is done by just two people in the office! It is a huge task to keep things running smoothly! (Hence so few blog updates these past few weeks. 😔)

Most of our days are spent in the office “flying a desk.” However, the office staff is also responsible for taking care of the new building recently constructed. Last week that included repurposing two sheds: one which was relocated to a neighboring property and one relocated behind the new building. It was good to get outside and get some physical exercise! Next, we need to reorganize the contents of the remaining shed.

Now after our fun weekend, we are getting ready for next week in the office but also looking forward to getting back on the road in a couple of months. We’ll hopefully be headed to Idaho to see our son and his family! 🤠🤗
This week’s Blessings, Prayer Requests, and Schedule are here.

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2 Responses

  1. Gail Fieler says:

    Never thought of it as “flying the desk”! So appropriate! It’s been wonderful being a physical labor SOWER this month – giving my brain a much needed hiatus! Ya’ll keep it down to a low roar at the office and we’ll see you the end of next month, yep just that quick!

  2. Bonnie Rencher says:

    Thanks much for the update! Happy Mothers’ Day, Katie! So glad you are getting so much time with your kids and grandkids! 💕

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