Fur-baby Update

Inquiring minds have been wondering, “What is happening with your furry travel companions?” Here is a brief history and update, in case your inquiring mind was curious! 😄

Mr. Lucky (bottom center) was Bruce’s mother’s dog. When she passed away in Jan. 2019 we were not ready for a pet. We needed to return to China, close out our business, pack up our China home, pick up our home on wheels in the USA, etc. A long-time friend had taken him but could no longer keep him, so we inherited him in May 2019. He is now about 13 years old and is acting and feeling his age. We don’t know how much longer he will be with us, but we love him.

Gracie, our feline friend, joined us in July 2020. She was a rescue from our Idaho Falls vet. We picked her up at 10 weeks and she has traveled with us ever since. She is an indoor-only purr-box, occasionally escaping from the trailer only to return quickly to the safety of her home. It is always a comical scene as we race around our trailer trying to herd her back inside! She and Lucky have been fast friends from the beginning.

Salomé, our 8-month-old Golden-doodle, joined us this Jan. 2023, as an 8-week-old novice traveler. We often wonder what possessed us to take on a high-energy puppy at this stage of our life. However, with diligent training she is turning out to be a great travel companion. She both harasses & protects Lucky and loves to chase Gracie (who constantly antagonizes Salomé to do so!). She knows nothing of a backyard  or fenced-in play area unless we find a dog park along our travels. She only knows the wide open spaces where we always walk her on a leash, but she seems content with all our attention!

Our 3-ring circus begins bright and early each morning with potty walks and breakfast. We are hoping that one of these days things will settle down and we can enjoy a more relaxing start to the day. One benefit we had not anticipated is that having these three critters in less than 400 square feet of living space means we are constantly in motion. It is a great way to stay active even when not on a SOWER project!  🤠🤗

(This week’s Blessings, Prayer Requests, and Schedule are here)

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