Do Not Grow Weary!

As part of the SOWER ministry, we work four days/ week, and six hours/ day (usually for the men). A project month is four weeks long, three weeks of work and one week off. The fourth week is used for rest (as we are doing this time) or travel to the next project, or a little of both! 😄  

The past three weeks, we’ve:

  1. Pressure washed and painted the Lake Lavon Camp entrance sign; (see our blog “To Receive Anew”).
  2. Scaled up the dimensions for the trash can enclosures we made at Camp Barnabas in MO to build the first of many such enclosures for Lake Lavon.
  3. Painted all the exterior trim on the WMU building (see picture above)
  4. Disconnected and moved the bunk beds in each room, then prepared three of the four bunkrooms in their Grayson building for spray painting all ceilings and walls next week; (the fourth bunkroom and meeting room will be completed next week; see pictures below).

During this time, the camp had an onsite board meeting. One of the long-term board members walked around the camp and inspected its condition. He remarked to the camp director that it looks better than he had ever seen it. (It must have been quite run down in the past and it is looking so much better today, but there is still a lot of work to do!).

The purpose of all the physical work is to maintain this camp and conference center on Lake Lavon as a place of ministry. Its first stated priority is: “To provide a facility with leadership to lead the lost to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.” Even with this year’s COVID restrictions and almost all camp activities shutdown, they still saw 65 people come to saving faith in Christ.

It may not look like we accomplished much, but those 65 people now spending eternity in heaven instead of the only other horrible alternative, makes the little we seem to do worthwhile. We look forward to helping Lake Lavon in December as well, doing much the same work in order to support the camp in achieving its main purpose! 

Yes, we are still working (instead of “being retired”), and we are extremely thankful for our good health and the opportunity we’ve been given to assist these various ministries! 🤠 🤗  

Happy Thanksgiving, Friends!

This week’s Blessings, Prayer Requests, and Schedule are here.

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