But if we have food and clothing, 

with these we will be content.” 

(1 Timothy 6:8, ESV)

It is snowing rather hard outside our home as I (Bruce) write this! And, we’re in central Texas! This is not supposed to happen! We intentionally bought a home on wheels so we could “follow the sun,” or as one full-time RV family put it “We follow 70 F!” However, this snowstorm was not unexpected.

Praise the Lord our roof repair was completed last Friday! The crew at RV Roof in Denton worked overtime on Thursday to make sure we could be on the road Friday afternoon. We had planned to spend the night at their facility and then head out on Saturday. However, the National Weather Service’s winter storm warning issued Friday morning caused us to want to head down the road as soon as we could Friday afternoon.

We are so thankful we made the decision to leave when we did. We were able to find the Tired Traveler RV Campground (suitably named!) about 60 miles south of Denton on Friday evening. This allowed us to arrive at Highland Lakes Camp and Conference Center by about 2:30 PM Saturday, get set up, and participate in the group meeting later that afternoon. 

Today, Sunday, we sit in our warm, cozy home and watch the snow come down. The road is now covered with snow and it is beautiful. It will probably not last long, but the roads will certainly be slick! We are so thankful we are not pulling our trailer through this! (Actually, we wouldn’t; we’d find a place to stay and wait it out).

We are content to be were we are, even though it is not exactly what we had envisioned when we started this full-time RV lifestyle. We would rather be sitting outside in the warm sun; but it is not to be … for now! We will enjoy the beauty of the white landscape surrounding us, and remain thankful that we have our cozy home in which to sit and watch the snow come down! 🤠 🤗

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