Contentment in All Things

… I have learned to be content in any circumstance.

(Philippians 4:11, NET)

The Apostle Paul experienced times of need and times of plenty. But he was able to experience all these situations with contentment, because he knew from whom his strength came.

We’ve been able to stay for free at some amazing places. These have been our times of plenty. However, as we began our journey to Purdy, MO and the SOWER project at Camp Barnabas, our first night on the road found us in Green River, WY and at home in a … junk yard. 😳   

This was to be a “time of need” for us. We were sandwiched between Interstate 80 with its heavy truck traffic and a major east-west rail line where trains of 150+ cars slowly worked their way over the high plains passes throughout the day and night. It was quite desolate, but we had a splendid view of the night skies, despite the noise level.

We had planned to spend two nights here and do a little sightseeing at the head of Flaming Gorge National Recreation area, but we just did not feel comfortable leaving our home in a junk yard or staying another night. Thankfully, our home has wheels and we can move, right? 

Were we afraid? No. We were content with where we stayed for the one night. Did we get much sleep with all the noise? No. But, we were rested enough to leisurely head on down the road the next day. We stopped at Rawlins, WY and a campground we had stayed at last spring on our maiden voyage to TX from ID. There is not much to see here either, except many miles of rocky terrain! But the folks are very nice, and we can have AC in this rather hot climate, so we are still content! 

We’ll head out tomorrow for our next Boondockers Welcome location near Cheyenne, WY. This time at a private residence that is miles from an interstate freeway! 👏   No matter what happens, we’ll try our best to be content with wherever He takes us. 

This week’s Blessings, Prayer Requests, and Schedule are here.

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  1. Louise Green says:

    Happy Anniversary! Praying for safety on your trip to MO.

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