Campground vs. RV Park

Two weeks ago we moved from Clear Lake Campground, an Army Corps of Engineers campground, to this RV Park (seen above). We had not had the opportunity to experience these two different types of parks, back-to-back. We learned something new. (Clear Lake Campground is shown below.)

A campground usually has more space between sites, and is off the main roads, so is quieter and more of a place to relax. An RV park seems to be more like a neighborhood. The majority of folks are long-term, workers living in their campers/RVs. They leave early in the morning for work and return at the end of the day. You may or may not see them or ever get an opportunity to meet them. 

The couple on our left we only saw briefly on the weekend. He leaves for work at 0430 AM and she is not around at all during the week. The couple on our right also leaves early and returns late. We never see them either. We have waved at a few others out walking dogs, but that’s about it.

We’ve decided that we like the more rustic campgrounds better! However, we will be experiencing more RV parks over the next week or two as we travel to Idaho. We plan to visit a SOWER project in Angus, NM: Bonita Park Nazarene Camp to see if this is where we should work next fall. Then from there, we’ll cut up through the southwest corner of Colorado into Utah and then on to ID.

Please pray for our safety and that of our home as we travel. We look forward to being back on the road again! This will be the longest trip we’ve made since our trip back east last year that concluded last Oct.! 🤠🤗

(This week’s Blessings, Prayer Requests, and Schedule are here)

Site 18 at Clear Lake COE Campground, Princeton, TX

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