Anything But Routine!

Do you like routine in your day-to-day life? You wake up, have your favorite beverage while quietly doing your devotions spending time with your heavenly Father, and then maybe get a bite to eat. Does your routine day progress with a familiar and comfortable pattern?

That is what the two of us are most comfortable doing. Sure, there are going to be disruptions but with a routine, the unplanned changes are taken in stride. Now into that comfortable routine introduce a new puppy to your older dog and territorial three-year-old cat. “Routine” suddenly flies out the window and bounces down somewhere on the road less traveled!

In the past two weeks, all five of us are trying to learn and establish a comfortable pattern of life. The puppy is sleeping nicely through the night, but demands with first a whimper and then loud barking at 0530 AM that she needs to go out …. NOW! For the most part, if we read her body language correctly we know when it’s time for additional trips outdoors and when she needs food. But, where is the routine we once knew and were comfortable with?

We have one more week (plus a couple of days perhaps) until we get to try a new adventure: travel day! We will drive 100+ miles to our new project in Lindale, TX. So far, short trips in the truck have gone well, but that is with only the puppy in the back seat. On travel day we’ll have three of them! We think we should perhaps have a couple of short trips with all three before the big day! 😳 

Routine … that may sound like a nice way of life, but sometimes God interrupts our routine with other plans which end up glorifying Him! No, our puppy probably wasn’t God-sent. But hopefully, in the not-too-distant future, we will again have a “rhythm” to our lives that all of us will be comfortable with, and can say she is the blessing we hope she will become! 🤠🤗

(This week’s Blessings, Prayer Requests, and Schedule are here).

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