Our walk

Life is a journey of discovery. For us, that involved learning about each other during our 45 years of marriage, and individually about ourselves. For Bruce, that self-discovery manifested itself more deeply when he rededicated his life to Christ in 1988. For Katie, one who had walked with her Savior since her ninth year, self-discovery occurred more gradually over the years. Learning about each other really started in 1991 when we began to ride a tandem bicycle together.

After 20+ years pursuing a career in engineering, Bruce became dissatisfied with climbing the corporate ladder and sought a line of work that would be more fulfilling. Katie a satisfied quilt shop owner and homemaker was content with life in Idaho Falls, ID. While riding our bike across Oregon in 1994, we both become convinced that some type of change was required. Bruce had committed in 1988 to seek Father’s will “Whenever, Wherever, and Whatever,” and we embarked on a journey to do just that.

“Whenever occurred faster than we anticipated in 1996 when we went into full-time service using our tandem bicycle as a ministry tool. That lead to teaching English in E. Asia. While there we saw the great need for theological training. So, through many mini-miracles, we went to seminary and Bruce graduated in 2004 with a Th.M.

After seminary we headed back to E. Asia to study the language, assist a friend in his own business and then start our own business, all while helping others more fully understand God’s word to us.

In 2019, we embarked on a new journey to discover the “Whatever, whenever, and wherever” we might go to serve our Father. That ended up living full-time in a fifth-wheel and joining a new ministry called SOWER (https://sowerministry.org). Through this ministry, we use our gifts of engineering, nursing, theology, and leadership experience to help ministries throughout the US and Canada achieve their calling.

We will do this for as long as He allows us to have good health and the ability to help others.