A Third Career?

It’s extremely windy today with nasty thunderstorms threatening the next few days. We’re thankful for another safe journey to a new destination. We’ve just arrived at the National RV Training Academy in Athens, TX. Bruce is here to study, and hopefully, become a registered RV tech by the end of this week. Why? Is this a third career?

We’ve often written about being servants. We travel to different ministries throughout the USA to help them with maintenance or whatever they need so they can accomplish their God-ordained mission to bring people to Christ. But what about our fellow SOWER friends? They too need help with their homes on wheels that they use to get them to the various projects where they can minister to others. We should and can help them too!

With Bruce’s background in the maintenance world, it seemed only natural that he would make sure he is qualified to help our SOWER co-workers with their RV’s. However, we did not want this to be something we did on our own, we wanted God to direct us if that is where we needed to go. 

When Bruce called to sign up for the class, he was told he would have to be put on a waiting list and there were 6 people ahead of him. So, we concluded that if Bruce was to go, then God would have to open the door. Three weeks ago, Bruce got a call and was told that all six ahead of him had declined, one after the other, and the door was open for him to attend! Yep, it was a “God thing”!

No, Bruce doesn’t look at this as a 3rd career. He plans to freely offer his help to our fellow SOWERs who may need technical assistance in repairing their homes. We hope that in providing this service, it will make things a bit less stressful for them and will enhance their SOWER experience while working at ministries throughout North America.

(Note: see the link below to the blessings, prayer requests, and schedule for more what we’ve been up to these past three weeks.)

This week’s Blessings, Prayer Requests, and Schedule are here.

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    Enjoy your new adventure!

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