A Quiet Finish

What a beautiful way to finish out our three-week training at the SOWER office. We now have a very clear picture of all the work that is involved in keeping this great organization going from signing up the SOWER volunteers for their various projects, notifying the projects with the names of the volunteers coming, mailing out applications and new member packets, maintaining the database, maintaining the inventory for SOWER merchandise and keeping the finances all accounted for. SOWERs Ray and Alean, have done an incredible job these last 14+ years (and have had the added burden of training some of us to help when needed).

As we prepare this week’s update, the temperature at 1 PM is 68 F, under beautifully clear, blue skies and the trees are gently swaying with a 5-8 mph breeze. We know that folks in the northeast are digging out of mounds of blizzard-driven snow while enduring subfreezing wind chills. So we are extremely thankful to be here in these mild conditions. Yes, in a few days we will once again see low temps dip into the teens, so the prognosticators indicate. But, for now, we soak up the sun.

Our next project is only about 30 miles down the road near Big Sandy, TX. Then in March, we will head less than 300 miles to our project at Dry Creek, LA. We continue to await a leading for what we are to do from April-Jun. This time is helping us to develop patience and also giving us time to think about how we can help our fellow SOWERs. 

We will enjoy the next few days of R&R. Even Gracie, our affectionate feline family member, will enjoy her downtime peering out the bedroom window on her special perch! 

This week we will get stocked up and prepare for our short journey. It doesn’t matter if we travel 30 miles or 1000 miles; the preps are always the same. The only differences between destinations are the number of days we travel due to distance, and how many times we have to set up upon arrival and prepare for travel the next day.

Enjoy your week, and thank you for your continued prayers for us!  🤠🤗

This week’s Blessings, Prayer Requests, and Schedule are here.

Gracie on her new favorite perch.

(Don’t forget to check out more of our pictures here.)

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