A Good Reason for Our Fatigue (besides our age)

SOWERs volunteer to do whatever a project host needs done. This can be anything from painting, small building projects (up to major projects depending on SOWER manpower and skills available), to plumbing, electrical; you name it. 

Upon arrival at a project, the group leader (the first person to sign up for the project is automatically designated the leader) meets with all the other SOWERs and reviews the work to be done and makes assignments.

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Katie and I are willing to do whatever is needed. We noted in last week’s Strategic Thoughts that we assisted with Hope House’s huge barn sale the week before. Last week Bruce started and ended the week painting, and Katie started the huge task of pruning the 100+ rose bushes on the property. 

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The middle of the week found Bruce and another SOWER putting up a retaining wall around an irrigation system valve pit. 

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The Hope House maintenance folks found they were constantly digging up this area to replace two valves located here. Thankfully, the pit had been opened with a backhoe, thus the digging was minimal. 

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Yet, there was still a good amount of physical work to clear around the pipes, dig holes for the corner posts, and then cut and attach the wood framing. 

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After a day in the sun, working hard, we find we are tired! We’ve discovered that we have little energy left over to take on the load of another part-time job. We want to have time to post updates here and connect with other SOWERs and ministry staff while on the project.

Hopefully we will gradually settle into a good routine and be able to keep y’all posted!

You can find our blessings, requests, and schedule here.

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