Working With Enthusiasm

Whatever you are doing, work at it with enthusiasm, 

as to the Lord and not for people,” 

(Colossians 3:23, NET)

It is easy to enjoy the various project ministries where we work when our assignment is something we enjoy doing. Katie enjoys sewing, painting, and yard work. Bruce enjoys the challenge of correcting electrical or plumping problems and building new things. However, we are not always given jobs that “trip our trigger.” 

In the verse above, Paul is addressing slaves or individuals who have willingly sold themselves into servanthood. These individuals are better known as “bondservants.” In a way, we have willingly chosen to become bondservants to the Master. In this case, we are voluntarily doing whatever, wherever, whenever to help ministries achieve their mission to reach the lost. 

What does the above image of a window have to do with Paul’s imperative (command) to “work” with enthusiasm? Bruce was given the assignment to wash windows. Really?  Washing windows? Doing this in almost 100 F heat was not looked upon with enjoyment and not particularly rewarding. Remembering Paul’s admonition in the verse above, Bruce “manned up” and began the task, one window pane at a time.

As he was working throughout the day on Thursday, several people came out to thank him and his fellow SOWER, Burneall. One man, a former MAF pilot, made a special trip out to thank them. He enjoys watching the planes hurtle down the runway gaining liftoff speed or touching down on a return journey as he works in the finance area of MAF. He had been frustrated at not clearly seeing these daily scenes through the dust and water stains on his windows. He expressed his appreciation with chocolates as a thank you!

Later, they were invited inside to enjoy homemade rhubarb crisp, again as a thank you for washing windows by several in the Mobilization department. It was about this time Bruce learned that due to COVID and a lack of volunteer help it has been two years since the windows were last washed. It seemed that just about everyone in the building was appreciative of their efforts.

Whatever we are doing we are to work it with enthusiasm as if we are working for the Lord. Once again, we learn that He will reward us in ways we least expect it. We hope y’all have a wonderful week and whatever you do, do so with enthusiasm and enjoyment! 🤠 🤗

This week’s Blessings, Prayer Requests, and Schedule are here.

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  1. Hi, Bruce! I’ve really enjoyed following along with you guys on FB and here on your blog. I was wondering if I could use this post- or an adaptation of it – in the July newsletter. I think it’s a good reminder for all of us! Thanks! Stephanie

    • sojourner1988 says:

      Sure! It’s a bit long, but you are certainly welcome to put the “editorial shorteners” to it! 🤠

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