What if …

In the engineering world and especially the nuclear realm, we are taught to “what if …” situations. “What if this happens?” or “What if that happens?” This is done to prepare for potential emergencies or problems before they happen and thus mitigate the consequences. This thinking is what often prevents problems from escalating into disasters. Consequently, this looking for possible problems has carried over into the rest of Bruce’s life. 

This is not necessarily a bad thing and has been beneficial over the years. However, with the many changes that are occurring in our lives these past 6-8 months, this “what if-ing” has become problematic. Bruce has not been getting good sound rest as his mind has been working in overdrive trying to solve potential problems. Waking up at 0100 AM or 0200 AM due to jet-lag with his mind working on “what if” solutions has caused a lot of sleepless nights. This problem-solving can degenerate into fear of what might happen with subsequent worry and anxiety.

King David knew where to turn when he faced problems. As the future anointed King of Israel, he had an irate King Saul trying to kill him. Yet David knew where to turn when he needed help: “I sought the Lord, and he answered me and delivered me from all my fears.” (Psalm 34:4, ESV) As we face many unknowns in our future, we too must learn to seek Father and trust that He will answer and deliver us from the potential problems.

Thanks to Faithlife, developers of Logos Bible Software, Bruce discovered the above illustration and put it on the lock screen of his phone as a constant reminder to first seek Him instead of trying to “what if” things too much! 

If you find yourself trying too hard to “what if” solutions to problems then perhaps you need to put those thoughts on pause. Evaluate your feelings (fear, worry, etc.) and reorient your thinking from trying too hard to selve those problems yourself, and seeking our Father instead.

As a side note, we do not intend to simply move from the big city to the country and spend our days fishing as the image above might suggest! 🤣 However, we do look forward with eager anticipation to removing ourselves from a polluted city of 30,000,000 people and the stress that brings, to once again enjoy the beauty of His creation around our great nation! 🤠   


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