Trying to Follow 70 Degrees

A frequent question we often hear is: “Why did you decide to live in a 5th-wheel and not a sticks and bricks home?” Our usual response: “Our son lives in Idaho and our daughter in Texas. Idaho is too cold in the winter and Texas is too hot in the summer.” Thus, by having wheels under our home, we can live in either place while the temperatures are comfortable.

We did not plan on spending a winter in Texas with typical Idaho cold temperatures! 🥶  Many of you are also experiencing the unexpected polar blast this week and can relate! However, living on a mobile platform with sub-freezing air literally surrounding us with a thin layer of insulation below our plumbing creates a few additional challenges.

Short of constructing an enclosure around the bottom of the trailer, there are only a few things we can do to keep the “basement” area, where the plumbing is located, as warm as possible: keep the freshwater tank as full as possible and add RV antifreeze to the grey water tanks. For the truck, we must pour in a cold-weather additive to keep the diesel fuel from waxing up. After all these preparations, we then trust in our Lord and ask y’all to join us in prayer asking Him to keep our home safe from damage for this week of frigidly cold weather. 

As we prepare this post on Sunday, the temperature is falling with a predicted low the next two nights (Sunday and Monday night) of 2-6F without windchill, and 1-3” of snow by Monday AM! That type of winter weather is why we did not want to live in Idaho during the winter! We look forward to the temps being at least above freezing during the day by the end of the week and much, much warmer temperatures by next week! 🤠 🤗

This week’s Blessings, Prayer Requests, and Schedule are here.

(Don’t forget to check out more of our pictures here.)

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  1. The Renchers says:

    Wow….it’s cold enough here in the burg….in our cozy condo. Can’t imagine what you are dealing with. We lived in NY during the winter in a mobile home when I was a kid and had to keep the water running all night to keep the water line open. After that my Dad said, “Never again” and we moved to Florida. They never left and are buried there to prove it! Ha! Praying you’ll be safe.

    • sojourner1988 says:

      Thanks, Bonnie! We can’t keep the water running here because it would fill up our gray tanks. We’ve had to disconnect from the water supply so that we don’t freeze up the hose connecting to the water. 🤠

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