Training Day(s)

“Train a child in the way that he should go,
and when he is old he will not turn from it.”
(Proverbs 22:6)

We had a wonderful opportunity recently: our granddaughter came home for a short visit and brought her dog, Rava. Rava is Salomé’s littermate. And our daughter’s dog, Oakley’s littermate. Three good-sized dogs just over 1-year-old and under one roof necessitated some training!

The proverb noted above teaches a lesson about training children. If we are diligent with training a child they will often retain that training throughout their life. We hope this proverb can also be applied to our pets! 🤣

However, training was not limited to our furry friends. Last week provided our SOWER team the opportunity to add to their learned skills! The men gained an understanding of how to apply Orange Peel texture to walls. Our host, Colby, demonstrated how to mix and apply the texture. He then coached each of us as we developed our skills. We’re certainly not experts, but we are willing to use what we’ve learned on the next job.

For the two of us, we will be in the SOWER office drawing on a different set of skills and training for the next 4 months. We arrived back at the office today (Monday) and will be here for the next four months. We look forward to serving this ministry as the SOWERs who also serve the members and help our partner ministries! 🤠🤗

This week’s Blessings, Prayer Requests, and Schedule are here.

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