This Morning was Intense:

If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, 

who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him. 

But let him ask in faith, with no doubting, 

for the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea that is driven and tossed by the wind.” 

(James 1:5–6, ESV)

I (Bruce) awoke at about 0330 AM to the sound of distant thunder. By 0430 AM the lightning was rapidly approaching. Looking at our standard weather apps I saw that we had an intense cold front pushing through. This was causing the thunderstorms. The weather service posted a winter storm watch, and then an ice storm warning.

What to do? Do we stay or try to make it to our reserved and paid-for campground spot at East Burns Run COE campground on Lake Texoma? It was about 200 miles away. I needed sound wisdom to make this decision. An ice storm has the potential to heavily damage a travel trailer. As James writes, “If …you lack wisdom, … ask God …” So, I did! Immediately the thought came to me: “Stay behind the thunderstorms and in front of the ice storm.” As I looked at our planned route and the weather app radar, I saw this was do-able!

We had been stationary for a month, parked at Oakridge Camp, our SOWER project for October. Getting our land yacht ready to “sail” takes a little longer than when we are moving each day. As the morning progressed, the receding thunder, dropping temperatures, and continued rain gave urgency to our preparations. By the time we were backing the truck up to connect to the fifth-wheel hitch, ice was forming on the truck and trailer surfaces.

We still had to turn the trailer around 180 degrees to leave the RV space where we had parked. This required maneuvering the truck/ trailer in very tight quarters on ground that was saturated and slippery. Ice was continuing to collect on above-ground surfaces. Our two-way radios were getting wet and communication between the driver (me) and spotter (Katie) was increasingly difficult. Yes, it was stressful (intense?)!

After 30 minutes of working to get the truck/ trailer safely turned around without damaging either piece of our home or ourselves, we were headed down the gravel road out of Oakridge Camp. A mile or so from the camp was a Walmart parking lot. We pulled in and made a few last-minute adjustments. Our fingers would hardly work in the intensely cold, driving sleet that continued to freeze on contact. 

As we threaded our way through town the tree limbs were beginning to sag from the weight of ice forming on the branches. We had to maneuver around these sagging limbs so our 13’3” high trailer roof would clear and not sustain damage. Did I mention that the morning was intense? 

However, as we left town the sleet quickly became more like rain. We began to see the wisdom of leaving when we did. As we followed the thunderstorms east the temperature slowly began to rise. From the 30F when we left, to 34F an hour or so later. By the time we reached our campground, it was 41F! The rain had pretty much stopped, and it was just a bit windy.

As I write this, I have enjoyed a nice hot cup of coffee while sitting in front of our electric fireplace, within a wonderfully warm home. Our home is now at a beautiful lakeside spot. You can see the view of Lake Texoma out of our back window. 

I am not sure I’ve experienced such a quick and definitive answer to a request for wisdom. I have certainly learned to ask when I lack wisdom, and to ask in faith because He will answer! What an amazing day!

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  1. Louise Green says:

    Praising the Lord for the wisdom God gave you and for His protection.

  2. Bonnie & Bob says:

    WOW! THAT was intense! So thankful for the wisdom our God provides if we will only ask! Enjoy your new location!

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