Stirred to Volunteer

Moses summoned Bezalel and Oholiab 

and every skilled person in whom the Lord had put skill

—everyone whose heart stirred him to volunteer to do the work,” 

(Exodus 36:2, NET)

In November 2021, when we arrived at our project at Riverbend Retreat, we were presented with a 10’x20’ concrete slab and asked to build a combination open-sided shelter and enclosed storage shed. When we arrived at Living Waters Bible Camp, we were presented with a 26’x30’ foot foundation and asked to build a cottage!

“We” are a retired cabinet maker, a retired school bus driver, IT tech, and general do-it-all worker at a Christian school, and a retired missionary/former engineer. What do we know about building a cottage? 😳 

It is the Lord who puts into the hearts of men and women to serve. And it is He who fills those He selects with the knowledge, skill, and understanding to do all kinds of work. And we have gladly volunteered to help various ministries achieve their mission, as did those whom Moses called.

A study note on the verse noted above in Bruce’s preferred Bible has the following: “The verb means more than “approach” or “draw near”; [the Hebrew term translated “volunteer”] is the word used for drawing near the altar as in bringing an offering. Here they offer themselves, their talents, and their time.”

Today, that is what we are doing, offering our talents and our time to help build something for the Kingdom. In this case, it is a handicap-accessible cabin called the Billy Speer Cottage. 🤠🤗

This week’s Blessings, Prayer Requests, and Schedule are here.

(Don’t forget to check out more of our pictures here.)

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  1. Gail Fieler says:

    God’s got this and you are His avenue to get it done. You answered the call, He will go forth and make it happen. Just be willing like you always have been. Pictures show amazing progress. I know this project is excited to have you there.

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