Largest Group of SOWERs in 40 Years!

With over two hundred SOWERs at ALERT Academy in Big Sandy, TX, it was the largest gathering of SOWERs in our 40-year history! Although we’ve been a part of this organization for over 3 years, there were countless people we’d never met. For five days we met many of our fellow workers and it was an amazing time! Of the over 500 active SOWER couples, about 1/4 of them were able to attend the 40th Anniversary celebration.

It was also a great opportunity to reconnect with many of those with whom we’ve worked on our 34 different projects. We were sad that not all those we’ve worked with could attend, but it was great to see the others!

Dr. Lew Sterrett from Sermon on the Mount Ministry in Anadarko, OK ( came with his horses and ministered to us in his amazingly talented and God-gifted way. He uses horses and horse training principles to demonstrate our need for training, guidance, and direction in our relationship with the LORD. What a blessing to see him in action and to hear his message!

We had already heard so much about Lew Sterrett and his ministry before seeing and hearing him that we signed up to work at Sermon on the Mount this month. We are now here in Anadarko, OK, and look forward to helping him with whatever he needs doing. 

Earlier this past Saturday we were touring the horse arena where we will be working and he was training a friend’s horse. As he worked the horse, he came around to where we were watching and once again used the horse training principles to show us what is needed to be effective in our lives. It seems whenever he’s on a horse and has even the smallest audience he is teaching life principles; hence sermon on the mount! This is going to be one unique and fun project! 😄

We hope you have a wonderful Easter celebrating the gift of eternal life that He provided through His sacrifice for us! Happy Easter!! 🤠🤗

(This week’s Blessings, Prayer Requests, and Schedule are here)

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