It’s Been a Long Hot Summer

The heat index was 106 F in the shade. However, inside the truck, it was probably close to 130 F. It reminded Bruce of his times in the engine room of his training ship when they were near the equator. The non-air-conditioned engineering spaces would often reach those temperatures near the main propulsion turbine.

It also reminded him of his years growing up in El Centro, CA. The summer temperatures there were often quite brutal as well. Thankfully these experiences helped him cope and survive as he, his grandsons, and a couple of their cousins helped to load the U-Haul truck.

These past few weeks have been especially hectic as we’ve worked in the office during the week and then made trips on the weekend to the Dallas area to help our daughter pack and move. She is now safely in Idaho and our house will soon be on the market.

And “back at the office” this week, we officially begin the turnover process with the couple who will take over the next 4 months in the SOWER office. A lot has happened during our “watch” and it will take a few days to bring them up to speed. We plan to head to Idaho on July 8, with a brief stop near our house in Allen to make sure all is good to go on the sale of the house.

We hope to be in Idaho Falls by July 15 and will be there for a couple of months before heading back to Lindale to prepare for the annual SOWER board meeting. We plan to volunteer for a project down near where Katie’s nephew lives before assuming our 4-month stint in the SOWER office which starts in November. 🤠🤗

This week’s Blessings, Prayer Requests, and Schedule are here.

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  1. Drew LaMunyon says:

    Sounds like you’ve got a busy schedule. I hope your house sells soon. Safe travels.

    Happy Trails!

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