He Provides Beyond our Needs

For forty years you sustained them. Even in the desert they never lacked anything.

Their clothes did not wear out and their feet did not swell.” 

(Nehemiah 9:21, NET)

Last month we noted that our inverter/converter was giving us problems and needed to be replaced. The inverter is what allows us to use our batteries to run 110 AC loads, such as the microwave, coffee pot, etc. when we do not have access to electrical power. The company would generously ship us a new replacement without charge when they arrived from the factory. We finally caught up with our new inverter when we arrived at our new SOWER project! That meant it was time to go to work!

Our inverter is tucked behind a wall in the “basement” of the 5th-wheel. Although “out of sight and out of mind,” it is also buried behind a myriad of pipes, wires, and other interesting interferences. Wresting the 50 lbs. inverters in and out of that small space while bent over on one’s knees was a fatiguing project!

The company noted that the replacement would be “plug and play” and that it would go quite smoothly, which from their viewpoint it did, after five hours. However, gaining access to the old inverter, wrestling with the 50-pound boxes, forcing heavy gauge electrical wires into small holes, and reassembling everything was definitely NOT plug and play! 

We are so thankful that this job is completed. The new inverter seems to actually be working better than the old did when it was originally installed! We will continue testing it to make sure all is well. Our inverter may not be like the Israelite’s clothing that never wore out, but we are grateful for His provision of this free, new replacement power supply.

This week’s Blessings, Prayer Requests, and Schedule are here.

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