When we arrived at Calvary Commission on Feb. 4 our assignment was to paint the exterior of the Cedar Valley House. During rainy weather, we were to complete various projects inside. 

The initial exterior inspection revealed some significant repairs needed before painting. The “rainy day projects” on the inside were not insignificant. February’s rainy weather allowed plenty of time to work inside, but little time to make exterior repairs; (see for a discussion of that work). This prevented us from accomplishing our initially assigned task!

Thankfully, March provided a greater number of rain-free workdays. However, our two co-workers had moved to the ALERT Academy where their skills were needed. Thus, the completion of the exterior painting was left to the two of us. In week one we finished caulking in preparation for painting. Week two saw us working both inside and outside as rain came and went. 

However, week three finally allowed us to finish all the exterior painting including the white trim! We are thankful for His protection as we worked from ladders and around troublesome wasps!

We are grateful for a little slower pace now that our assignment is complete. There is much that needs to be done on our trailer to keep it well-maintained. So, we are trying to catch up on rest while at the same time getting preventative maintenance completed, both the truck and trailer washed, laundry and grocery shopping done, shots for Salome, and meetings at the office. Getting rest will most likely have to wait until another time! 😳

Wednesday (Mar. 29) we will head over to the ALERT Academy for the SOWER 40th Anniversary celebration. There has been a huge amount of work completed in preparation for the arrival of 250 SOWERs and we look forward to seeing old friends and meeting many more!  🤠🤗

(This week’s Blessings, Prayer Requests, and Schedule are here).

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