Do Not Give Up Meeting

And let us take thought of how to spur one another on to love and good works,

not abandoning our own meetings, as some are in the habit of doing, 

but encouraging each other, 

and even more so because you see the day drawing near.” 

(Hebrews 10:24–25, NET)

While in E. Asia it was difficult (dangerous?) to meet and worship with our national friends. We had to be creative on how to we would meet together in ways that were safe for all involved. Today, the reason for safety is different, but it creates a similar response. 

The author of Hebrews admonishes the believers to not give up meeting together in order to inspire and motivate each other. We learned of ways to do this overseas, and in this (hopefully) temporary era of COVID-19, we can also learn of ways to safely meet together. 

We are isolated at the camp with few others around us. We’ve been here 2 weeks and all are healthy. We limit our excursions “off-campus,” and when we must go we mask up and maintain “social distance.” However, even with all this, we still take precautions.

It was almost uncomfortably damp and cool last Friday, but we decided we needed to find a way to meet together for mutual motivation and encouragement. We determined that instead of meeting indoors, we would meet outside and enjoy what we had hoped was going to be some warmer weather. 

However, when the sun disappeared behind the trees and the breeze came up, it was almost uncomfortably cool. Yet, the need for meeting together caused all of us to simply bundle up and enjoy the time outside anyway. We look forward to when this isolation business will stop, but in the meantime, we can figure out ways to safely meet together and “spur one another on to love and good works.”  🤠 🤗

This week’s Blessings, Prayer Requests, and Schedule are here.

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