Another SOWER Project

Thankfully we don’t always have to “fly a desk!” This past week at the office has thankfully been a bit quieter. We are still busy during normal work hours which makes it difficult to get caught up on other office-related projects.

Several weeks ago we removed one of our sheds and repositioned the other. After getting it leveled on cement blocks we discovered the ramp needed rebuilding to adjust for the shed’s greater height off the ground.

We enjoyed the challenge of figuring out a way to construct the ramp using available materials left over from the new building construction. Thankfully, it did not take long as the 80 F temperature and 88% humidity made working on the project uncomfortable!

We were glad to finish it by 10 AM and return to our nice, cool home! Now we get to move all the equipment originally stored in the shed from the new building’s workshop back into the shed! That will be a project for another morning when it is cooler (hopefully!).

With the pending sale of our home in Allen, TX (we’ve signed with a real estate agent) we now have a new address. Please contact us and we’ll send it along to you. We plan to put the house on the market the first week in July. Hopefully, it will sell quickly. 🤠🤗

This week’s Blessings, Prayer Requests, and Schedule are here.

Don’t forget to check out more of our pictures here. Please note that if you receive this post as an email, the header picture may not be included. It would be best if you went to either our blog here or viewed it in the link above with more of our pictures.

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  1. Drew LaMunyon says:

    Hi Bruce and Katie! Can I get your new address?

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