Month: March 2024


As you have read in our Calendar of Activities referenced below you know our daughter is moving back to Idaho. After 25 years of living in Texas, she is ready to get out of the Texas summer heat and back to the Idaho winter cold! 🤣 This move means getting our house ready to sell.…
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Unscheduled Events

“A person plans his course,but the Lord directs his steps.”(Proverbs 16:9) When I (Bruce) got into the truck after church and started it, I was presented with a message on the instrument panel: “Low Beam Headlight Out.” Ugg, I thought. I had other plans for Sunday afternoon and replacing this headlight was not one of…
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Back in the Saddle

We were in the SOWER office last November to maintain our skills and knowledge base regarding the office operation. We were also able to assist with the construction of our new SOWER meeting building/ apartment when needed. I’ve included pictures below showing the status from our November 2023 folder. Much has been completed on the…
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